Ten technologies for a better world

The World Economic Forum has announced the annual list of breakthrough technologies. This refers to technologies that have the greatest potential to positively influence our lives. So it’s mainly about technologies that contribute, for example, to fighting poverty, diseases or climate change. In fact, this is often neglected when it comes to new technologies that are euphorically welcomed – that they could be more than just consumer products.

One of these technologies is social robots, robots that can read and respond to emotions, for example, through our voice or facial expressions. The technique is meant to support the care of older people.

Here are all ten technologies:

1. Bioplastics for a circular economy
2. Social robots
3. Metalenses
4. Disordered proteins as drug targets
5. Smarter fertilizers
6. Collaborative telepresence
7. Advanced food tracking and packaging
8. Safer nuclear reactors
9. DNA data storage
10. Utility-scale storage of renewable energy


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