My AI Assitants

As a journalist and author, you have a reputation for being a little old-fashioned. Maybe some of you imagine that I’m still typing this all on a typewriter. Well, maybe that doesn’t quite fit in with this blog, but there are journalists who say they don’t like technology. They became journalists because it didn’t work out so well in school with math and physics and all the other number subjects. This type is suspicious of working with tools that are quite advanced but not perfect.

One of them is, for example, DeepL, a translation software that outperforms Google translation. And then there’s Speechmatics, a software that transcribes spoken interviews for me into written language. This works especially well for English interviews, not so much for German. But I can combine it very well, I can do the interview in English (stupid only if the interview partners are German) and then transcribe it and have it translated afterwards. What a labour saving!

This is a bit awkward for German interviews. I do them by listening to the interview and at the same time repeating everything people say, and the dictation software Nuance Dragon converts it into the written language. Dragon unfortunately makes many mistakes. But in a few years, when I can’t type anymore, I hope it will all work out pretty smoothly.

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